elfkw powered Gekko FX

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elfkw powered Gekko FX

Beitragvon revcounter » Mo Apr 02, 2012 9:12 pm

Hello elfkw.at Forum,

Happy to be here. Stay tuned for my install of elfkw parts:

R20a-320p Geared motor Rear 20" 36V 250W for disk, in doublewand rim, normal speed, ALEXRIM DM18
ps-d5 Pedalsensor-5magnet disk
ps-se170 pedalsensor with 170cm cable (without disk)
tth Thumb-Throttle, no LEDs, no cruise button
gs8-11 Freewheel 8-gear
fe12s2a-ch LiFePo4 charger 2Amps fanless for batteries 38.4V(12s)
mi20-s1 MMC-i v2 in metal case 14A, 16"..20" with startup aid
fe12s3p LiFePo4 battery 38.4V(12s3p)/9.3Ah, in shrinkfoil
pp30-rb Powerpole plugs black-red 30A (1 pair)

on a Gekko FX.

I must say a big thank you to Martin and sales@elfkw.at for the excellent service.

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